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Right Pointe crack sealant

MSDS Sheet

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American Asphalt Materials carries Right Pointe Pro Stretch® direct fired hot crack sealent and Right Pointe 3405® elastomeric parking lot crack sealent.


Right Pointe Pro Stretch® is a fast curing, premium quality, hot applied single component crack & joint sealant. Pro Stretch® is very easy to use. Can be applied on residential driveways and commercial parking lot projects. A great all around sealant. 

Can be heated using a direct-fired tar oven or oil-jacketed burner.


Right Pointe 3405® is a hot applied, single component, elastically modified composition of asphalt cement, virgin synthetic polymer, premium rubber, and other modifiers. Right Pointe 3405® works extremely well on heavily used parking lots and city streets. 

Must be heated with an oil-jacketed burner for best results.


Right Pointe® crack sealants are packaged and sold in 60 Ib. containers.

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