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Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP)


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Recycled asphalt

Does your job require a durable and highly compactable base material that will actually become harder as it ages? Are you working with a homeowner who would like a new driveway installed but can’t afford to have it paved this year? Do you need an aggregate source that produces minimal dust for a cleaner environment?


We have just what you're looking for. 

Our reclaimed asphalt product, RAP, as we commonly refer to it, is the same durable and recyclable material that we use in our hot-mix asphalt products.


RAP is crushed to a 5/8” minus dense-graded material and it can be used as an outstanding aggregate base. The best part about RAP is that is has asphalt binders already in it, which means that over time, it will become firm - similar to hot-mix asphalt. Simply install, shape, grade, and roll it.  You’re done!


Sold by the ton.