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seal coat squeegee

Sealcoating contractors have been using squeegee applicators since asphalt pavements first started being seal in the 1930's. Today, squeegees are still one of the best methods for properly applying quality sealcoat.


The use of a squeegee applicator physically forces the seal coat material into the pores and hairline cracks of the unsealed pavement surface. This process allows the pavement to absorb the material at a significantly greater amount and leaves a truly uniform film thickness. The result is a longer-lasting and even pavement coating.


Our squeegees feature a pre-molded radius edge to eliminate undesirable break-in period and provide a smooth mark-free finish. The adjustable notched slots allow the rubber blade to be set for a soft or firm action.


Squeegee applicators are a must-have for the professional seal coating contractor.


Available in 48" and 60" wide blades. Comes complete with 6 ft. long powder coated light-weight aluminum handle.