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Brewer Eclipse Pavement Sealer


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MSDS Sheet

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Brewer Eclipse® pavement sealer is a premium-grade pavement sealer. Manufactured at 48% solids content by volume, Eclipse is the right pavement sealer for sealing aspahlt pavment where coal tar sealer is prohibited. 

Eclipse® delivers more solids per gallon of material than most competive brands of sealcoat. That means you get more for your money and better coverage per square foot with Brewer Eclipse.


Brewer Eclipse is consistant through and through.

Brewer Eclipse is manufactured with a colloid milling process, which means every load of sealcoat you purchase is consistant time and time again. You'll always know what to expect from every load.

Formulated with a select blend of fillers and proportioned for exceptional wear resistance, Brewer Eclipse® provides the "quality conscious contractor" a higher dilution rate while retaining maximum solids content on the pavement surface - providing the best value money can buy.


Brewer Eclipse lasts longer than AE pavement sealers. 

Unlike other inferior types of sealcoat, Brewer Eclipse® exhibits better wear resistance and is highly resistant to gasoline, oil, and ultraviolet light, providing superior protection for all asphalt pavement surfaces.


Try a load of Brewer Eclipse today and see the difference a higher quality sealcoat can make.


Sold in bulk.

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