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Brewer Cote Pavement Sealer


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Brewer Cote pavement sealer

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Brewer Cote® pavement sealer is manufactured at 52% solids content by volume! 

While other brands of sealcoat are manufactured at just 48% solids content, Brewer Cote® delivers more solids per gallon of material. That means you get more for your money when you purchase Brewer Cote® and your customers jobs recieve better overall protection.


Brewer Cote is consistant through and through.

Brewer Cote is manufactured with a colloid milling process, which means every load of sealcoat you purchase is consistant time and time again. You'll always know what to expect from every load.

Formulated with a select blend of fillers and proportioned for exceptional wear resistance, Brewer Cote® provides the "quality conscious contractor" a higher dilution rate while retaining maximum solids content on the pavement surface - providing the best value money can buy.


Brewer Cote lasts longer. 

Unlike other inferior types of sealcoat, Brewer Cote® exhibits better wear resistance and is highly resistant to gasoline, oil, and ultraviolet light, providing superior protection for all asphalt pavement surfaces.


Try a load of Brewer Cote today and see the difference a higher quality sealcoat can make.


Sold in bulk.

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