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Customer Testimonials

"We’ve been working with American Asphalt for over 20 years and during that time they’ve managed to continually produce superior products for us to use in both our commercial and residential paving projects. American’s efficient operation at the plant has gotten better every year with additional silos, opening early and staying open late allowing Poblocki Paving Corp. to be one of the most efficient/time sensitive paving companies in the Milwaukee area. Keith has always been helpful working with our engineer to modify mixes and testing new products for our customers. We depend on American Asphalt for the best quality asphalt and great service so our customers are 100% satisfied."

- Greg Kastenholz, Poblocki Paving Corp.



"I have been getting my sealcoating supplies with American Asphalt for 3 seasons.  They have great supplies, quick and easy loading procedures with good service.  Joel the customer service representative has always gone above and beyond to meet my needs.

- Advanced Asphalt Sealcoating, Plymouth, WI



"Munson-Armstrong Paving has purchased asphalt materials from American Asphalt for over 50 years. The staff is extremely accommodating and helpful. This especially helps when operating the plant at times when it's most beneficial to our customers desired construction schedules. The materials are the best in the area and always meet or exceed specifications and quality. They are our Number One supplier of asphalt and recycled aggregate materials. We would not hesitate in recommending them to others requiring the same high standards. 

- Robert Fetherston Jr., Munson, Inc.



"American Asphalt has always been extremely accomodating and available to provide us with mix for the completion of our projects.  They are very helpful & curtious in providing us with great rates and special pricing.  American Asphalt also supplies us with trucks anytime that we may require them. And most important, their asphalt mixes are very consistant.  

We've worked with American Asphalt throughout the years, and we definitely plan to continue doing business with them in the future!"

 - Jackie Berens, Suburban Asphalt Co., Inc.