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Meet Our Team

Ehrin Seymour


Ehrin Seymour

Asphalt Plant Operator, Engineer

Ehrin began working at our company at an early age.


At 15-years old, Ehrin worked part-time after school and on weekends washing and waxing our fleet of trucks and equipment. He graduated from Brookfield East High School in 2000. Shortly after graduating, Ehrin was hired into a full-time position working on our asphalt paving crew as a general laborer where he learned the essential skills needed to build parking lots and roadways.


With over twelves years of experience in the asphalt business, Ehrin brings his passion and dedication to our asphalt operation in everything that he does. The knowledge and skills that he has acquired from his time paving and grading asphalt projects, to the countless hours of producing asphalt and performing maintenance, heavy repairs, and metal fabrication on our asphalt plant and rock crusher, are just some of the reasons why Ehrin is such a vital asset to our company. Ehrin is certified in WEM4000 Pro automation control systems from WEM Automation, LLC. which has helped us tremendously in streamlining our asphalt production methods.


When asked what he likes best about his day to day activities, his response is:

"I love working with our team. Everyone contributes and works effortlessly to accomplish our mission."


During his free time, Ehrin enjoys taking trips to the north woods with his wife Kristi and their daughter. Other interests include: driving his hot-rodded Camaro Z-28, playing bass guitar, hunting whitetail deer, and fishing.