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Meet Our Team

Brian Vahl


Brian Vahl

Loader Operator, Engineer

There's no need to worry. Brian is on top of it.


Since joining our team in 2008, Brian's key function has been producing crushed concrete aggregates and managing our recycled asphalt and concrete drop-off zone. Our recycled aggregates are a primary resource for our customer's grading needs and are also a key component for the manufacturing of our hot-mix asphalt.


Before joining our team, Brian worked at Spancrete in Waukesha fabricating precast concrete solutions. During the major highway improvement project in 2004 - 2008 for Interstate 94 at the Marquette interchange, Brian was directly involved with constructing the wall panels and hollow core planks that were used in the highway's major redesign.


Before working at Spancrete, Brian spent three years working at Saturn of Milwaukee as an automotive porter. Being a porter taught him the importance of having a clean and well-kept image which is reflected in the way that he persistently maintains the equipment that he operates at our company.


During the off-season of 2012, Brian played a major role in the conversion and implementation of our new rotary asphalt drum mixer which has enabled us to produce "greener" asphalt mixes.


When asked what he enjoys most about working at American Asphalt Materials, Brian's response is:

"I work with great people. I really appreciate the way that I am treated here. It's a great place to work."


During his free time, Brian enjoys snowmobiling and fishing at his family's cottage in Oconto County and also playing guitar and listening to music.