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About American Asphalt Materials

Founded on a Comitment to Quality and Customer Service

We're a  third generation family-owned and managed bituminous asphalt producer located in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.

Since 1955, the American has been commited to producing the highest-quality paving materiels. That is why the best paving and sealcoating contractors in metropolitan Milwaukee call us their supplier of choice. Our passion for asphalt and customer care shines through in everything we do. We're here to help your business succeed because that's what we're here for - you the customer.

Whether you’re in need of hot-mix asphalt, cold patch, or crushed recycled aggregate materials, crack sealant, or pavement sealer, we’ve got you covered. Need trucks? We can handle that for you too.


Why choose American Asphalt Materials 

> Guaranteed product availability

Unlike our competition whose primary purpose is to supply their own crews with asphalt and related materials – often leaving you and your crews guessing whether or not they'll be able to provide you with service you'll need, our core purpose is serving you. Period.

We consistently deliver timely and dependable service to you when it’s needed most. There's no need to worry about recieving good service - American provides the best service.


> We work around your schedule

We understand that some projects have to be completed during odd business hours when the timing isn’t necessarily convenient or when other asphalt plants are normally closed for the day. If you have a large project that requires us to stay open beyond our normal business hours or may require us to start our working day earlier the next morning, we're here to accomodate you. Our convenient and flexible hours ensure that your project gets completed when it needs to.


> We're NOT your competition

Think of us as a partner you can trust. Unlike other asphalt plants, we aren’t competing with you for the same work and for the same customers. We are your partner every step of the way. Here is what some of our existing customers have to say about us.



American Asphalt Materials is ready to supply you with all of the products and delivery services you'll need for your next asphalt project.




We're knowledgeable and Experienced

Having been an asphalt contractor ourselves for well over four decades, we know a thing or two about asphalt paving and sealcoating. We understand that it takes to build and maintain a long-lasting asphalt parking lot, residential driveway, roadway, or tennis court. Your project requires top-quality, long-lasting, and easy-to-use materials beginning at the sub base level all the way to the surface course of the pavement structure.


If you're looking for solid pavement advice, American Asphalt Materials can provide you with pavement consulting and project management services for your large and small asphalt projects. 


Keith Braatz, our company's president, is an accomplished Engineer and a former asphalt contractor himself, who is forthcoming about his valuable insights about the paving industry.  He enjoys helping others in any way possible to ensure their projects are built right and within budget. At American Asphalt Materials, we enjoy helping our customers succeed. 


Contact us today to speak with one of our dedicated staff members who will work with you to provide you with the very best asphalt product solutions to fit your particular job; and delivery methods to meet your logistical needs.