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About Our Quality Asphalt Products


Want to leave a long-lasting positive impression with your customers? Your project requires great mix. We’re here to help. American Asphalt Materials has been producing high quality and easy to use asphalt for over 49 years. It’s what we’re known for.

With over twenty mix designs to currently choose from, it’s easy to find the mix that’s right for your project. If your project requires something special, American can produce a custom mix that is uniquely designed to match the special demands and the expectations of your next paving project. 




Poorly made asphalt is difficult for contactors to work with and ultimately looks and performs badly over time.  Day after day, our customers depend on the quality and the reliability of our asphalt mixes.  


American Asphalt Materials’ state-of-the-art dual drum asphalt plant is capable of producing hundreds of tons of high quality asphalt per hour. We were the first asphalt producer in the area to adopt a dual drum continuous feed design. This unique design separates the aggregate drying phase from the asphalt-mixing phase by dividing the processes into two separate chambers. Our asphalt plant produces high quality mixes that inherit batch plant-like accuracy combined with the high production efficiencies of a continuous mix drum unit. This allows us to have tighter control over the quality of our mixes and to guarantee consistent and trouble-free performance.




It isn’t enough to invest in the most cutting edge asphalt plant but then skimp by using low quality materials. Like most things in life, “you get out of it what you put into it”. Great asphalt requires superior grade materials.


At American Asphalt Materials, we begin by using crushed gravel aggregates. Our special choice of aggregates provides the essential qualities necessary to allow the asphalt mix to effectively withstand heavy traffic loading while providing many years of trouble-free service life.


Because our asphalt mixes are produced with crushed gravel aggregates, they are generally harder and denser than asphalt mixes produced with other aggregate sources. This ensures that your mix from American Asphalt Materials retains its heat longer and remains workable while it is being installed.


At American Asphalt Materials, we are also very intentional about choosing the right performance grade asphalt binders for our mixes. Our binders are formulated to provide the best overall performance and withstand the harshest weather conditions. Our asphalt mixes remain durable and stable long after the installation has been completed -­ reducing premature cracking and aging. 




Beginning in 2012, American began using Warm Mix Asphalt technology (WMA) to produce its mixes.


Warm Mix Asphalt technology is smart in many ways:

  • Conserves energy and other essential non-renewable resources

  • Less oxidative aging of the asphalt binders during the production process ensures a blacker color, less thermal cracking, and longer lasting mix

  • The ability to achieve better compaction levels

  • Longer hauling capabilities to your job site

  • Less vapor emissions - provides a healthier working environment for your construction crews

  • The ability to begin paving earlier in the spring and later in the fall